Summer is for Juicing


We started a “Juice Reboot” this week, inspired by the upbeat documentary with the downbeat name, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  My husband, who gets an idea and then award-winningly executes it before anyone can say, “What a force of nature!,” bought a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer almost before the film was over.

Health pioneer Jack LaLanne was passionate about juicing. He felt it directly fed your “River of Life” ~ cleansing, purifying, and nourishing your bloodstream to fertilize the body with abundant nutrients. I love his website where there is much information on the value of juicing, along with recipes. But I love it mainly for his signature sign-off: “You are the most important person on this earth, be kind to that person!”


The Juicer comes with a booklet full of recipes, but you can really add any fruit or vegetable. We add  all our favorites and enjoying making it up as we go along ~ careful, though, not to mix fruits and vegetables, unless it is apples and pears which go with everything. We toss in a bit of lemon or lime juice, too, with ginger, cardamom, fennel or coriander to aid digestion and get five out of the six tastes (no salt), making the juice not only delicious but sweetly satisfying.

Juice fasts are raw, and the action on the body is cooling. With that, and the tastes being predominantly astringent, bitter and sweet, a raw juice fast is ideal for summer.

Juicing Green

It is amazing how much cleansing the body needs, even when your lifestyle is healthy, and, mostly, pure. We are on Day Four now, and as promised, “over the hump.” We’ve moved through the headaches, brain fog and fatigue ~ frankly, with a certain ease. We knew those were signs of purification, and a reminder that it is now August, the timeless month, when all intelligent people throw off their watches and ease into the eternal flow.  

On top of that, our Mastery of Life Yoga Teacher Training student Megan Herzing happened to write us earlier this week without knowing it was the first day of our Juicing. Her email opened with a quote from her friend Adam, “Fasting is a way of letting your body know that your soul is in charge.” It was all the reminder we needed.


Raspberry Mango Coconut Lassi, from Cardamom Kitchen

We will have a Sumptuous Banquet of Elegantly Sweet, Deliciously Cooling Summer Smoothies and Rockin’ Raw Juices this Sunday at our Ayurvedic Nutrition & Summer Cooking Class, including a recipe from Cardamom Kitchen for Raspberry Mango Coconut Lassi, modified to use dates instead of sugar.

There are just a couple of places left. I invite you to join us. Just email me if you want to come.


23 thoughts on “Summer is for Juicing

  1. So glad I found your blog, Laura. I recently saw Fat Sick and Nearly dead too and was shocked at the healing powers of juicing. I have many friends who have a glass of veg. juice everyday, but none have done a juicing fast. Also, juicers are so expensive! Especially the good ones. I am saving some dough to buy myself one on my upcoming birthday 🙂 Hope to check back in your blog for tips on doing a juice fast 🙂

  2. So cool Laura. I too started my juice fast this week. The second day was hell because of my daily coffee habit, but I made it through & feeling good. I was actually going to blog about it tonight.

  3. this is so inspiring. I am doing another cleanse this summer (in 2 weeks) but have never tried a juice fast. I love the quote about how fasting is a way for the soul to be in charge.

    my husband bought me a breville juicer last year and I love it. Thank you as always for these beautiful posts and healthy inspirations.

    1. Thanks, Pamela. Since you have the Breville and you are so experienced with the Watermelon-Cucumber Blends, it would be a cinch for you. Your kids might enjoy some of the juices, too.

      A Juice Fast, in late August, is certainly an elegant strategy for Pitta 😉

  4. Laura, Wow, this is so cool. I’m on day four of my juice fast, made it through the fog, exhaustion & headaches. I love what you shared from your friend, “Fasting is a way of letting your body know that your soul is in charge.” I’m going to add the spices you mentioned. I was planning to write about my juice fast tonight. Such Serendipity.
    big love,

  5. Yes Yes Yes! So inspiring~ I have a Breville and I love juicing! My body recognizes it’s power immediately. My recent fav is kale, celery, cucumber, apple, and lemon (peel removed, white pith intact). I create a fort around the kale with the celery to help it juice better, since the kale has less water content. Thank you for sharing Laura, I am so happy to hear of your delicious cellular feasting fasts!!

    1. Well said, Whitney! Thank you for your passion, and your very helpful suggestion for the kale and keeping the white part of the lemon ~ so good for people with allergies.

      Making the world go round, that’s you!

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