Spring Detox Smoothie

Energizing, Awakening, Detoxifying

At first look, this Breakfast Smoothie is a blush-colored beauty! But at first taste, it is a bit of a surprise: the kind of surprise that yanks you by the collar, drags you from bed, alerts all five senses, concentrates the mind, and shouts, “Wake up!”

When you go back to check, Really?, the second taste gives you a shudder. The kind of shudder that shakes off sleep, powers up the daylight, revs up your juices, sends that blush of beauty to your face, and stirs all the cells in your body to declare “Yes, I am Alive!”

After that, it is delicious.

If this is a helpful way to start your day, here is how to make it. I adapted it from Whole Living, who add fresh ginger ~ a pungent and, therefore, great for Spring, but too much for me. I replaced it with cinnamon ~ also pungent, but gentler ~ and added Honey. Otherwise, the grapefruit was overwhelming.

Gorgeous Ingredients

Spring Detox Smoothie

1/2 Grapefruit, peeled
1 cup Strawberries
1/2 Apple
1 t Honey
1 dash Cinnamon

Put the fruit in a VitaMix or powerful blender. Add 1 cup water and liquefy. Add honey and cinnamon. Blend another 10 seconds, and pour into glasses. Makes 2 servings.

from Whole Living

I served this to guests when they arrived at my recent Spring Detox Cooking Class at Casa De Luz because the grapefruit offers a light, bright, energizing way to  get more of the bitter taste in your diet, which in turn will give you a healthier, happier Spring.

Would you like a free lunch at Casa De Luz? It is our hip, new, North Park, Vegan, communal Eatery and they are giving a nourishing soup, salad and main course for free to one person who comments below about your love for Smoothies, Juicing or Casa De Luz. I’ll pick a name from the comments on Sunday, and announce it here. So please let us know what you do to stay healthy in Spring and come back to visit Sunday.


21 thoughts on “Spring Detox Smoothie

  1. Just received a juicer as a birthday gift so I shall try this tomorrow morning. I do love ginger though so might prepare it that way. Hugs to you Laura. xoxo

  2. You are going to be sorry you asked! First of all, Laura, the smoothie was DELICIOUS!!! I attended your class at Casa de Luz…which was wonderful. Actually, I attended both of them. If anyone else is reading this…Laura has a very warm, gentle, kind spirit and her knowledge of ayurveda makes you want to learn more. I just got an excellent library book, and feel like a sponge, learning all this new stuff. Second, I’ve been to several classes at Casa de Luz. Get on line at casadeluz.org and check out “school”. I can’t believe how great that place is. You can tell that they really CARE! And third, (you are lucky that I gotta go, cuz I could write a book!) the food at Casa de Luz is INCREDIBLE. That word doesn’t even begin to describe how great the food is (not to mention the atmospher). I’ve eaten there several times and each time has been a totally different (positive) experience. Chef Lani was by far the best, not to mention names…but maybe the best vegan meal I’ve ever had. OK, bye!

  3. Just tried this, sans honey.. Feeling a little warm today… Another delicious recipe from Laura Plumb.. Thank you Laura!! YUM!

  4. Delicious and simple to make. I am not a big fan of grapefruit but in that way, I enjoyed it. My son too, by the way. Maybe I omit to tell him that I added the honey and the cinnamon, just remember to tell him after he told me “C’est pas mal, Maman!” 🙂

      1. Yes 🙂 I get that comment sometimes. The next and last level is “C’est pas bon!” this one mean really that I have to improve the recipe or just drop it. Isn’t cooking for a family pure joy? humility and love for each new recipe.

  5. Reading this particular entry, on a chilly and damp morning here in Merry Ole England, makes me yearn for time when I could be at Casa for the cooking classes, and certainly with you, dear Laura, to be inspired and rejuvenated!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! How I remember those cold, damp days. Wish we could steal away to your Merry Ole Isle and bring you some freshly picked grapefruit from our California gardens and share the inspiration.

      1. Thanks, Laura. Maybe the occasion will arise some time in the future. I do find the rain inspiring, too!

  6. I’m stopping at the farmers market this weekend for grapefruit! I want a beautiful smoothie to yank me by the collar and drag me from bed (love this bit of creattive writing). I’m nearing the end of your vegan vanilla protein powder, and love smoothies of all kinds… banana and cocoa and almond milk for an afternoon treat is a current favorite!

    1. Banana and Cocao with Almond milk sounds like a delicious afternoon pick-me-up. I’ll have to try it, instead of my usual ‘nother round of Chai! Thanks, Sally

  7. Just got a vitamix! Excited for recipes. Just found your Red Sparkle on the back of your card. Sounds so good with the pomegranate juice and lime. Summer is here and lime is my mine ingredient in drinks these days. From what I understand that’s a good thing for summer. 🙂

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