Six for Summer

Summer is Pitta Season, when we want to be careful not to overheat. Offering you a few good ways to keep cool, here is my list of Six Best Practices for Summer.

Edward Madden & Percy Wenrich, 1912, Public Domain

1. Easy does it ~  Cooling walks by water or  under the moon light, sitting in the shade of a tree, enjoying nature’s beauty, soft music and pleasant fragrances are all balancing for Pitta.

2. Hydrate ~ In the summer, energy dips can be a sign of dehydration. Staying fresh means replacing electrolytes and minerals with fruit, flower or vegetable infused waters, such as this Rose Fennel Tea, Joseph Immel’s Rosewater Lemonade, and the Cucumber Cooler that I posted after last summer’s heat wave.

3. Moon Salutations ~ Harness your Lunar Power with Chandra Namaskar, a cooling, slowing, feminine flow.

4. Shitali Breath ~ Switch on your inner cooling system with this powerful Pranayama: Push the tip of your tongue out of your mouth, roll the sides of your tongue towards the center and inhale. Retract your tongue, close your mouth, exhale through your nostrils and enjoy the cool sensation.

5. Sweet Tastes ~ Foods that are especially cooling for Pitta are watermelon, cucumber, mint, coconut, zucchini, fennel, cilantro, avocado, aloe and fresh summer greens. Type “Pitta,” or “summer” into the search box on the right to find a variety of cooling recipes.

6. Aloe Vera ~  Aloe Vera is like ice stored in a plant. Not only does it improve skin tone, reducing redness, acne, signs of aging, it also purifies the blood, strengthens the liver and reduces inflammation.

We’d love to hear how you stay cool and healthy when the temperatures rise.

What are your favorite summer recipes or remedies?

4 thoughts on “Six for Summer

  1. Thanks for the cooling dose of love, beautiful sage Laura! Do you suggest Aloe Vera for topical or internal use? I’ve rubbed it on my skin for sunburns but that’s about it. xoxo

  2. I find it’s pretty easy to make a peppermint hydrosol…search for hydrosol on Youtube to learn how to make a home made version without needing a still…I then spray myself with the hydrosol or add it to watermelon juice or water…same with chamomille and lavender…hydrosols are very safe to take internally in doses of one to two tablespoons…and if you are lucky enough to have fresh roses well then you’ve hit the jackpot:) Go out there like a flower…may your presence be refreshing like a flower….

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