How to Make Coconut Yogurt

I made a 3 minute  video, which you will see below, to show you how I make Coconut Yogurt. It is very simple, and a lovely meditative process, but if you’ve never done it before, it really helps to have someone show you how.

Sugar free, dairy free, delicious, exquisite Coconut Yogurt

First, here is the recipe ~


4 Young Coconuts
Probiotic tablet

In a blender, thoroughly mix the water of 1 coconut with the meat of 4 coconuts. Pour into a clean bowl and stir in the powder of 1 probiotic tablet. Cover and put in a dehydrator at 110F, or place in a warm, dark place like the top of your toaster set to warm, and leave for a couple of hours. Taste every now and then. Once it is sour, seal well and place in the refrigerator.


After 24 hours, it will be fabulous. Nothing compares.

With pistachio, cardamom and honey, it makes a great breakfast, or snack, in late Autumn/Winter, the Vata seasons.

#homemade coconut yogurt


Please let us know if you try it, how you make it, and how you like it!

Photo: Jules Clancy of

If you do enjoy making your own Yogurt, check out for more Yogurt recipes. Author Jules Clancy shares beautiful photos, like the one above, and across her website a variety of sumptuous recipes for a beautiful, healthy life.



30 thoughts on “How to Make Coconut Yogurt

    1. Yes, it is thick. I think the trick is the proportion of 1:4, water to meat. But I think one could also add a bit of ground Irish Moss, or a few pinches of Psyllium, to thicken it more if that is how you like it.

      Your early efforts inspired mine, Stephanie. Thank you!

  1. I’ve long wanted to know how to make coconut yogurt! This truly looks creamy and sumptuous. Thank you for sharing your culinary arts once again, you beautiful sage of nourishment and grace.

  2. Silas’ favourite yogurt and there’s always a pile of coconuts on offer outside the temple, so a fun project for us at the weekend. Thank you Laura!

      1. Kricky and yikes! I better ask as I was not aware of this idea. Thanks for know’in good buddy. 🙂

  3. My frist try was not a success.

    first, after the incubation time the color is kind of gray instead of white. I wonder if the oven was not too hot. I was baking bread and it was at 400 F so on the top of the oven it might have been to hot. my other idea is that the probiotic I use was not good.

    second, because I used 2 coconut and 1/2 of the coconut water of one, I thought that instead of 1 capsule of probiotic, I needed 1/2 of capsule.

    And finally today when I look at the yogurt I think that I did a pretty good job…if I wanted milk. It’s so liquid.

    Later on I will taste it, we’ll see. You know me, I will not give up on that and will try again.

    Last note on the beauty of nature, as I wanted only 1/2 of coconut water, I poor the coconut water in a measuring cup. Guess what it was exactly 2 cup. Amazing how perfection is right there. 🙂

    1. Sophie, perfection is in you in every way. Especially your engaging way of sharing your experience. Not sure why so liquid-y. Try it again with 1 whole probiotic and perhaps not so hot, and let us know! THX

  4. I made mine with the water and meat of one coconut, since I only had one, and then just added unsweetened organic coconut flakes. It came out pretty good, will definitely try the four next time. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Gina. How did you like the consistency? I’ve tried making it that way, too, and found that while it works, it was rough rather than smooth, they way we think of our yogurts. Although, in a savoury dish that might work. You can also use Coconut milk from the can. It is just not as good, nor as nutritional. Love to you ~

      1. Not really crazy about the consistency, however I think it might go well in saag.

  5. I live in the US too and have tried all kinds of yogurt starters available on the market in my 20 years of yogurt-making experience. What I’ve found to work best is a Bulgarian yogurt starter culture that I buy from They describe theirs as a no-fuss yogurt starter which is easy to use and makes thick, creamy and delicious yogurt and I must agree that the guys are right on spot with the description. It produces yogurt of exceptional quality with smell and taste like nothing you can find in the store or make with any other yogurt starter. I also reuse the yogurt I make so the 4 gallon pack that I buy from them lasts me months (the pack is just a few grams in weight). Highly recommend! It works with non dairy recipes too! In fact they provide you with a book of dairy and non-dairy yogurt making recipes too!

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