Summer’s Garden Soup

Vegetable Puree

Two weeks ago I posted summer ideas for breakfast, and last week, it was a fresh summer salad for lunch. So it seems in the natural order of things to offer you now a bit of dinner inspiration for summer.


I love the intelligence of Mother Nature! Every season she offers us foods to balance her changes. In summer now, she bountifully provides cool foods to counter her hot weather: Cucumbers, Melons, Summer Squash, and herbs such as Dill, Mint, Cilantro.

Yesterday morning I went out to our little food garden and gathered up some of those fresh summer vegetables, blending them all together last night to make this exquisite little soup.

Garden Soup

The beauty of this is that there is no cooking required. Reminiscent of the old-fashioned elegance of chilled soups such as Gazpacho and Vichyssoise, yet updated with inspiration from the thoroughly modern practice of Juicing, this dinner is easy to make, easy to serve, easy to digest. It is also: good for your liver, pitta-pacifying, emotionally balancing, peacefully purifying, and, did I say cooling? 

Summer’s Garden Soup
Serves 2

1  Cucumber
1/2 Zucchini
2-3 Tomatillos
1 handful Cherry Tomatoes
1 small Avocado
1 few leaves of whatever green you have on hand: Kale, Arugula, Sorrel, Mizuna, etc.
1 handful Cilantro
1 sprig Dill
1 leaf Mint
1 Lime, juiced
1/4 – 1/3 c. Water
Pinch of Sea or Pink Salt, to taste

Put everything in your blender and mix until the consistency is smooth. Serve in bowls, garnished with slices of cherry tomatoes and dill, and sprinkle with lime juice. Eat slowly so you can taste all the flavors. It is complex, subtle, and delicious!

Vata: Drizzle Olive Oil, stir in Yogurt, and/or add chopped Almonds to your soup bowl.
Pitta: Perfect! Could add toasted sunflower seeds for a satisfying, sweet crunch.
Kapha: Add 1 clove garlic and/or a tiny piece of fresh green pepper (serrano, jalapeno) when blending.

Summer Garden Soup

What do you like to make in the summer to chill, refresh and renew?

Wishing you a beautiful summer.
Thank you, dear friends.

10 thoughts on “Summer’s Garden Soup

  1. This looks refreshingly scrumptious! I shall try it with some olive oil and almonds. Boy, that Bhava is one blessed man to be married to such a wise sage, beautiful woman and gifted chef!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. Hopefully it makes coming home a little easier, if not tastier. Thank you for every single time and every single way you have showed up in my life. You always make my heart sing!

  2. Thank you! I will try it tonight. I don’t have tomatillos, can I do the recipe without it?
    Only looking at your picture and read the list of ingredients I feel cool already 🙂

    1. Yes, you can do it without the tomatillos, although you might miss that unique bit of earthy pungent taste it imparts. Fresh ground black pepper would help make up for it. Thanks, Sophie!

  3. I love reading your blog. We can’t wait to make this delicious soup today. (Especially since cilantro is one of our favorite ingredients)

    1. Thanks, Carolynn. You are such wonderful support to so many, in so many ways. Since I’ve been immersed in feminine leadership principles all week, you are reminding me of the feminine ways of leading by uplifting, upholding, affirming, and encouraging. Thanks for being who you are!

      1. We just made this soup and it is amazing: delicious and refreshing! Perfect for this warm summer day.

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