Rose Lassi Recipe & Ghee Giveaway

rose #lassi

Have you ever been to Bhaktifest? It’s a beautiful thing. In addition to Kirtan day and night, fabulous Yoga classes overlooking the desert, divine Yogis everywhere, and a reunion of so many friends, what I love so much about these Festivals is that, more than anywhere outside of Rishikesh, you are surrounded by people who do things that really stir your soul and make your heart sing.


Things like: Combine Classical Indian Dance with Yoga…

#Dance Hemalayaa
Hemalayaa Devi (who is returning to The Sophia Conference in December) | Photo: Jeff Skeirik

Preserve indigenous botanical medicines, while nourishing their ancient place, cultures, traditions…

Organic India #Ayurveda #Herbs
Organic India and its founder, author of Turmeric, Prashanti de Jager | Photos:

Honor highland Peruvian people with sustainable cultivation and importation of unique, adaptogenic super foods…

Imlak'esh Organics
Imlak’esh Organics | Photos: Owl and Deep Yoga

Or, make ghee for a living.

ancient organics #ghee
Matteo Girard Maxon of Ancient Organics straining ghee upper right | Photos: Ancient Organics

Our master teacher Dr. David Frawley says, “The mind is like a wick. Knowledge (Jnana) is like the flame, but Devotion (Bhakti) is the oil (ghee). Without the oil to sustain the flame, it will merely burn up the wick. So too, a mind that does not have that flow of grace or devotion, can be burned up or dried out by the flame of knowledge. We must remember to keep our Soma flowing.”

Photo: Ancient Organics
Photo: Ancient Organics

Since Bhakti is like ghee, how appropriate that this golden nectar has a central presence at a Festival devoted to Bhakti. Having now sampled it, I can say that Ancient Organics Ghee is the very taste of Soma, the flow of Soma made manifest.


You can make ghee at home, of course, but every now and then it is wonderful to have someone make it for you, especially when it is mindfully small batch brewed, nutty in taste and so authentic.

While at Bhaktifest, I picked up a jar of Ancient Organics’ Niter Kibbeh, a ghee cooked with North African spices. It’s fabulous with everything, and would make a unique hostess gift.

Niter Kibbeh Ghee

Matteo Girard Maxon, co-founder of Ancient Organics, is offering a full 16 ounce jar of this Soma to one of our readers. All you have to do is comment below. I’ll randomly pick a name/winner next week. Ancient Organics will ship directly to you.

a cup of ghee to start each day
Beginning the day with ghee!

One thing that kept us returning to the Ancient Organics booth was their Rose Lassi. It was nourishing, cool comfort in that high desert, high summer, dry heat.

#Ayurveda Rose Lassi
Rose Lassi

I’ve tried making it at home, and ended up coming up with two versions. The first is according to Matteo’s instructions, at least so far as I remembered. The second is quick and easy.

It was my first time making rose syrup, and I wanted to make it as healthy as possible, so I adapted it a bit. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear if you think you can improve upon my efforts.

pink roses gave a creamy color
pink roses gave a creamy color

ROSE LASSI (Click Here for Print Version)
2-4 servings

For the Syrup:

Roses, organic or wild-crafted, 1 dozen
Coconut Sugar, 1/2 cup
Ghee, 1 teaspoon
Water, 1 cup

For the Lassi:

Full-fat Yogurt, 1 cup (or your favorite non-dairy alternative)
Rose Syrup, 1/3 cup
Rose Water, 1 teaspoon
Cardamom powder, 1 good strong shake
Himalayan Pink Salt, 1-2 hearty pinches
Raw Honey, 1 tablespoon
Water, 1/4 cup

#rose syrup
Making the Syrup: 1. Rose Petals, 2. Water, 3. Coconut Sugar, 4. Heat

To Make the Rose Syrup:

Put the ghee and coconut sugar in a 1-quart sauce pot, and stir together until melted and combined. Add the petals of all 12 roses and cover with water. Bring to a boil and turn heat down to keep at a light, slow simmer. Stir occasionally until the mixture reduces to a brown, thin syrup, about 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool.

creamy lassi
I skipped the blender and put it straight into a glass jar but you have to shake, shake, shake!

To Make the Lassi:

In a blender, add the yogurt, rose syrup, rose water, spices, honey and water and blend on a low speed just to break up the yogurt and make it liquidy and smooth. Depending on how you like your lassi, you might want to add more water for a thinner consistency. Taste, adjust to your liking, and serve.

Keep refrigerated for up to three days.

rosey lassi
Ancient Organics Rose Lassi was really pink while mine turned out more creamy in color

If that seems like too many steps, you can try this simpler version. It’s almost as good.

Simple Rose Lassi

1 cup of your favorite creamy Yogurt
1 cup water
1 t Rose Water
1 T Raw Organic Honey
1 good shake Cardamom
1 pinch Pink Salt
Petals of 1 Rose

Put it all in a blender and give it a good whirl. Adjust cardamom, rose water, pink salt until it is absolutely like drinking heaven. Enjoy!

good_rose lassi
With the simpler version, I used red rose petals to give it more color

So, why is Rose Lassi good for you, especially in high sumer, the high desert, or if you have high Pitta?
I’ll leave it to the experts at Maharishi Ayurveda to explain, which they do beautifully here.

Yogurt is also great for balancing Vata, and as we enter Autumn, our Vata season, I find myself just craving it. If you’d like to learn more about right diet for Autumn, I invite you to join us for our ten day Autumn Cleanse coming up on October 5th. You can learn about it and register here.

Photo: Owl
Deep Yoga at Bhakiftest| Photo: Owl

But back to Bhakitfest…

Deep Yoga at Bhaktifest | Photo: Owl

Bhava made this video of our classes at Bhaktifest, which were so juicy thanks to all the Yogis who arrive so ready to give and to love.

Photo: Owl
Deep Yoga at Bhaktifest | Photo: Owl

We are going to be teaching again at Shaktifest next May. Tickets are half price though September here, if you’d like to join us for this festival of heart. Also, Floracopiea is offering a free webcast today of Dr. Frawley talking about Soma: The Nectar of Rejuvenation. You can access that here.

Karnamrita & Gina Sala
Karnamrita & Gina Sala | Photo: Lakshmi Grace /

Hope to see you next May at Shaktifest or next year at Bhaktifest. Meanwhile, as Dr. Frawley says, “Keep your Soma flowing.”

With Hemalayaa
With Hemalayaa




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51 thoughts on “Rose Lassi Recipe & Ghee Giveaway

  1. I learned to make ghee at home and have even converted my “love my butter” husband to now using ghee in place of his stick butter.

  2. Thank you, Laura! The lassis look like so much fun. I plan on making at least the simplified version as soon as I get a hold of a rose and I am so looking forward to the Autumn Cleanse. 🙂

  3. Beautiful pics Laura! I love, love, love ghee (because of you :-)! Can’t wait to try both of the recipes!

    See you soon! Xoxoxo!

  4. This entire blog post and photographic spread is a juicy feast for the eyes! I’ll have to sample the lassi next with the other senses. Thank you, you most beautiful woman, sage, teacher, chef and goddess!

  5. Wow – what a posting! I had to read it over a few times to be sure not to miss anything…The colors are so vivid and lively along with your pearls of wisdom. Looking forward to a Rose Lassi and to attempting my own syrup – how divine! Can’t wait till the cleanse – counting the days!! Thank you for including me in the Ghee fest. Jai Guru Dev.

    1. Thanks Robyn! Speaking of Jai Guru Dev, there was a great workshop at Bhaktifest on The Beatles & Yoga, led by Philip Goldberg (author of American Veda) with the Joey Lugassy Band playing live.

      They finished with that Beatle’s song, “Across the Universe” which has the line, Jai Guru Deva. Having heard the song many times of course, it was nonetheless the first time I actually those words.

      Jai Guru Dev!

      1. So funny – about the song. I too have always loved it but never “heard” those words until i posted it for 9/11 because I had seen it on another friends pageI was amazed! Such a popular song and I have always been one to love to learn lyrics.I guessed I hummed that part because i didn’t know them until nowall these years later. Sounds like Bhaktifest was amazingyou live in a great place! Sweet dreams. xo

  6. The Rose Lassi looks amazingly delicious. Thank you for sharing! I have never tasted spiced Ghee but I bet it is warming!! I am new to Ghee and would love the opportunity to try Ancient Organics! Love and health…Lori

    1. I think it tastes soft, summery, soothing. But for some it tastes like soap since that is the only reference the brain has! Hope it is the form and not the latter for you ~ Thanks, Pamela!

  7. Jade and I are trying this recipe, we picked all the giant blooming roses in our garden and are making the syrup now! Do the petals dissolve or do we strain them after the 30 min? It smells divine ❤

      1. Simply amazing, thank you for such inspiring recipes! The syrup was made a little sweeter by the drops of rain still clinging to the roses petals we picked. I thought it appropriate to keep the syrup in an empty ghee jar 😉

  8. I discovered Ancient Organics Ghee and their other delicious products at Bhakti Fest. The Niter Kibbeh ghee is out of this world on homeade popcorn, our movie nights have been raised to a whole new level!
    I must say my absolute favorite, most special treat is the Ghee Nola, oooh wow. I wish we bought more because we are almost out and ssshh, I have hidden the remainder in a far corner of my cupboard so no one else sees it 😉

    1. I love this, Tara! I feel the same way – wish we brought home more. Great idea about the popcorn, too. Now I can’t wait for our next family movie night! Thank you.

  9. Love ghee love rose lassi love You… Thanks for such a great blog – I learn so much from you! Carolyn

  10. I Love Ghee! It is yummy and can be put on or in anything…including on dry my feet in the winter :p I swear that Ayurveda is the reason why I had such an amazing pregnancy and ghee being most of the reason why I didn’t get (the hereditary )stretch marks! I LOVE Ghee!

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