Holiday Home Made


I am not much of a holiday shopper. I hope that doesn’t sound humbug. I just don’t think the shopping mall has much to do with the spirit of the season, and I’d rather walk on the beach with friends, or travel to the mountains with my family, or share a meal with loved ones. I prefer the gift of time… the gift of togetherness… the gift of nature…. gifts of love.

foot scrub

Home-made presents give the gift of all of the above – your time, your caring heart, nature’s beauty and love. Here are six last-minute ideas you can make in quick time, with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard – all in the comfort and peace of your own home. After all, this is still the season when we should be doing less, turning in, and staying warm!

#peppermint #footscrub

1. Soothing Foot Scrub: With magnesium to calm, cinnamon to warm, and peppermint for that holiday tingle.
2. Radiant Skin Facial Moisturizer: With rose at the heart of these delicious ingredients, Ayurvedic skin care is Edible Beauty.
3. Cookies: Delicious Cardamom or darling Gingerbread.
4. Dessert Bread: Liscia’s Cardamom Banana or Drisana’s Primal Coconut.
5. Chocolate Pâté: Wrap in a red, silk ribbon for extra richness. Keep refrigerated until gifting.
6. Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bark: A colorful, healthful recipe demonstrated in this charming, short video from Melissa Clark of the NYT.


Thank you for joining me on this culinary journey of Nature’s love. I wish you days of light, seasons of joy, generous gifts of peace ~


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13 thoughts on “Holiday Home Made

  1. Dearest Laura, you MUST open a Christmas shop of some kind….I love this season….it is my favorite of the entire year….and I love making gifts….BUT, there is something so special about just buying something made with such love! I love all of it! Such an inspiration….❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you, Tizi! But you know, YOU are the one who could open a place – every day brings holiday joy and magic in your realm. Wishing you and your a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year. Love to you ~

  2. This all looks so lovely. I think it’s too late for this year to make the salts but will try on myself as soon as I can. Still will work on one or the other cookies.

    Thank you for all the suggestions.

    Love, Momma

  3. I really like your gift ideas, Laura. And certainly identify with your holiday gift-giving sentiments. This year I shared the “recipe” for chai-rooibos tea gift jars. Friends and family really do feel so special when you give them something homemade. I’ll look forward trying out several of these ideas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  4. You don’t sound humbug at all, Laura. I’m the same way. Good times and good food with loved ones…that’s where it’s at! Think I’m gonna try that foot scrub myself though. : )

  5. You inspired to make Soothing Foot Scrub for dear ones this year! I used epson salts and various carrier oils — sesame, grapeseed, almond — along with sumptuous essential oils like black coconut and amber. They were quite a hit and now I find myself blending all kinds of varietals for myself and my loved ones. Thank you, beloved Laura! Love you.

  6. Finally got around to making the Chocolate Pate today. I served it with raspberries, blueberries and made a 1:1 mix of sour cream/heavy whipping as a substitute for the Creme Fraiche. My friend who is not a dessert person had 2 servings! Sooooo yummy!

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