Summer Cleanse + Smoothies

Summer Cleanse + SmoothiesSummer Smoothies :: Download the PDF for your Kitchen

This is one of many beautiful, colorful, vibrant, nature loves you recipe sheets you receive as part of our upcoming Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse. From August 9-15, this 5 day Cleanse with 1 day Prep at the front and 1 day Transition at the end gives you recipes for all 7 days, plus Yoga practices, a meditation, group calls and daily motivation, plus a facebook forum to share, connect, inspire.

If you can’t wait, head on over to Kate’s 3 day Cleanse going on now. Then come back and join us in August.  Invite your friends, too. We have room for plenty and it’s always more fun with your loved ones.

I love this Summer Cleanse so much I want everyone to have it. In fact, I love it so much and love you so much that I am going to give it to three of you for free. Just leave a comment below letting us know what you love about summer, and we will pick a winner in a random, double-blind drawing.

Are you ready for mind-blasting freedom, clarity and vibrance? Let’s join together and heal the world!

Loving life, loving summer, loving you ~ Namaste! 


Congratulations to Kate, Nicole and Nathalie who will receive the Summer Cleanse as a gift!

54 thoughts on “Summer Cleanse + Smoothies

  1. Summer off from teaching high school….wake up at dawn and roll out of bed,a quick polish,(hair, face and teeth). Grab the leashes and head to the Rosebowl for a brisk dewey walk with my black and white friends…..2 border collies. Good 3 miles, gets us all off to a good start. Home to a warm cup of lemon water and smoothie to follow!

  2. Another great post Laura, colorful vitamin and antioxidant pack smoothies look delicious! Looking forward to a summer cleanse with you & the vedwise/dy tribe:)

  3. Delicious looking Laura, and what (again) a great reminder that all seasons require attention and diligence to nourish our bodies in the ways that are needed. Summer for me this year has been all about trying to slow down, literally smell the roses or the compost or take time for contemplation and self care.

    Britta T.

    1. Thank you dear Britta. Busy as a bee is this bride-to-be! Wishing you quiet moments, rose petalled baths, time to dig your hands into deep rich soil and enjoy your garden, and a golden journey to cloud 9.

  4. I just started a 3 day cleanse this morning! I love the timing of this email. I look forward to the group cleanse since I have found them to be uber supportive as well as nourishing on a few different levels.

  5. What I love about summer: daylight from 4am to 10.30pm; this season’s fawns playing in the garden; red squirrels at the peanut feeder; splashes from the paddling pool; veggies in abundance from polytunnel and garden; ice-cream…

  6. I love the sunshine, heat and scents of summer, fresh food from my garden, walks in the field, the slower pace, space and simplicity of life in the summer. I love the summer season.

  7. I love relaxing in the sun, hanging poolside with friends, late sunsets, swimming in the ocean and enjoying the lush greenery all around. These are some of the things I love about summer!

  8. I love warm nights, limeade, stone fruit, and heading to the woods in the summer ❤ Thanks so much for sharing my lil' link. 🙂

  9. I love the long days of summer! Enough time to work, prepare dinner for the family and enjoy the end of the day outdoors in the garden or on the patio with a glass of minted water.

  10. I love the warm, juicy sun kissed fruits in summer! Peaches, raspberries and blueberries. I also enjoy cold water with mint and fresh cucumbers in it !!!!! The contrast of the summer heat is paired perfectly w ma earths sweet offerings!

  11. I love the warm evenings of summer – sitting outside, the sounds of cicadas and crickets, fireflies illuminating the night, gazing at the starts – life slows down and feels lighter …
    P.S. If you draw my name, draw another … I’m good …

  12. I love the freedom of summer — freedom from the usual morning and evening routines during the school year, the opportunity to allow the day to unfold in creative and joyful ways. Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  13. What I love about summer is that it invites me to spend time outdoors and slow down my pace. I am a Pitta-Kapha constitution and summer reminds me of when I started my first cleanse, 12 years ago, and finally got scalp psoriasis under control. Every summer it is another opportunity for me to reconnect, not without challenges, and pacify the fire in my physiology, as well as allowing its strength and passionate energy to flow freely.
    Blessings to you Laura,

  14. Thank you for the gift of these beautiful smoothies! What do I love about summer? Well…having a few months off from teaching has been nice (even though I miss my students). I’ve loved taking advantage of my weekdays off by attending to your morning classes, & Adam’s AcuYoga class – both of which I will certainly miss when school starts back up in 3 week’s time. Also — longer days to froic & play, evening jogs, beautiful sunsets, taking Lucie the Pug to the beach, planting a tomato vines & picking nature’s sweet candy straight off the plant, making fresh strawberry sorbet. So many things to love about summer’s abundance! Can’t wait for the cleanse. Time for a reboot!

  15. I’d love the opportunity to do the summer cleanse. These recipes look beautiful and I will try them. Thanks for sharing them! 🙂 One thing I love about summer is that it’s the season for Watermelon. I have been buying one almost every week. Such a refreshing treat!

  16. Summer is always good to bring out some pitta in this kapha! I happen to live with a pitta who they now call “Hanuman” and he will not stop raving about how wonderful you are and how I must do this cleanse. Thank you for being such a positive force in his life. Much love.

  17. I love the slowing down of rhythms of life, the grass beneath my feet, the abundance of light, and the songs of night. And beautiful food!

  18. What I love about summer? Hmmm… Walking barefoot… Working outside… and that everything’s so GREEN!!

  19. I always look forward to summer, a time to bask in the light and energy of the sun! This summer has been especially wonderful, watching our new baby grow and bond with his older brother! We start each day with juicing or smoothies, and baby has just started enjoying a few tastes!

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