The Holiday List

scrub bestI offer you a collection of holiday gifts curated just for you – mostly things you can make in your kitchen, or download from your computer, or have someone else wrap and mail, so you can free yourself from the tyranny of last-minute shopping, crowds and traffic. The holidays should be a time of ease… and love, song, joy, merriment, sacred celebration and divine remembrance. I wish you all of that.

Homemades: To me this is what the season is about. Here are a few things you can make with ingredients you probably have on hand or can easily find: Rose Face Cleanser, Almond Face Moisturizer, Turmeric Body ScrubSoothing Foot Scrub, Anti-aging Natural Sunscreen.cardamom rose truffles

Food is always a gift of love and these Ferments in reusable mason jars would be unique, or Farmhouse Cheese wrapped in butcher paper and string. Cardamom Cookies are pretty in parchment tied with a red ribbon, while the Cardamom Truffles pictured here are elegant, and these Pecan Cranberry Bars are festive.

BhavaBooks: Of course I have to mention my husband Bhava’s book Warrior Pose, available for just $1.99 on Kindle til the end of the month. I also want to mention one of my teacher’s new books – Dr Suhas’ Hot Belly Diet which, much more than a diet book, is a great introduction to Ayurveda.

A couple of dear friends, deep, heart-centered women, have recently written books, too: Siobhan Wilcox wrote the Thrive Now Blueprint: Self-Care & Success Strategies for Parents of Special Needs Children which is a great book for all people everywhere who love children and want to see them grow strong into a loving, affirming world; and Kathy Eldon whose life is a magnificent adventure and everyday act of courage, chronicled in her memoir In the Heart of Life.

steve goldMusic: Every Yoga class I teach finishes with people coming up afterwards asking about the music. The most requested are always from these three favorites: my husband BhavaJim Beckwith, and Steve Gold. Steve has a free download for you here

Food: Tidings of peace come in a gift box of Tizi’s Teas. Her Immuno Chai with Tulsi, Pippali, Ashwagandha, dandelion, rose, licorice, vanilla and peppermint has been my warm companion these dark, delicious December days.

alison miksch, getty
alison miksch, getty

To me, nothing says love like an oversized jar of Ghee. Then there’s my new potential love interest, Aloha, who’s running a Free Trial (if you are willing to pay for shipping) of their greens-on-the-go which might be just the right nudge for the new year.

Clothing: I believe in “local” and supporting your local Yoga Studio when it comes to clothing. They usually have organic, sustainably sourced clothing with affirming messages.  We are happy that our local will soon be carrying the ultra eco Satva Living. Yoga Journal has a give-away of Satva’s comfy Yoga gear right here right now.

Kevin Donuhue, Kevala
Kevin Donuhue, Kevala

We are also hoping Kevala’s cool give-back tees will soon be coming to our studio. Kevala supports 50 non-profits with their sales, and are so generous they offered us to share with you a special 15% discount, with free shipping, which you can claim here with this code: 15present.

Self-care: You probably know I am devoted to Floracopeia. I love their purity, their consciousness, and their Seva. I also love their sets.pratima love oil

More recently, I have fallen in love with Dr. Pratima’s Love Oil. Her Ashwagandha, Amla and Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream is pretty exciting, and this would be the ultimate pamper.

The gift of true presence: We have guided audio recordings to take with you wherever you go: Bhava’s Meditation, our Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation, and Yoga practices for home or travel are all available here.

courageNew Year New You: Start the year with love and support. Start the year exactly as you intend to live it. Start the year with my new New Year New You Program and get 21 days of guided Yoga + Ayurveda + Healthy Eating with daily affirmations and meditations.

This would be an awesome gift ~ and if you purchase in December you immediately get three bonus items: Melissa Ambrosini‘s Meditation for Manifestation, my Ayurvedic mentor Dr. Suhas‘ interview with Tami Simon on Agni: Ayuveda’s secret to good health, and Bhava speaking with Dr. Emmett Miller on The Power to Heal. All wonderful to enjoy as the holidays give us time to pause, rest and deepen into love.

Giving: We love so many, but here is where our attention is these days: Give Back Yoga, Warriors for HealingGanga Action Parivar, Shakti Rising, Elephants, Trees, Seeds & Soil.


Note: I am suggesting these ideas because I love them – and usually the person/s and purpose behind them. I believe in them. I do have an affiliate with Amazon, where you will find the books, but haven’t yet figured out how to create the links, so for now it’s irrelevant. As for Bhava and his gifts, I have… well, conjugal relations. I admit. I am in love. There is, in that, clear benefit.

Christmas Dinner

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Christmas Fruit

What are your favorite holiday treats? What does the season man to you?

Leave a comment below and I will pick three names to send each a box of
Tizi’s unique and delightful Chai in celebration of your New Year.
~ Congratulations to Marcelle, Tara and Sharyn who will receive Tizi’s Chai, and to Jennifer who gets the brownies. 

Wishing you happy holidays – holy days –  always! 

42 thoughts on “The Holiday List

  1. You are so damn cool, I can’t believe you made the time to make such an amazing list for people. Way to use your influence and be your beautiful, fun, awesome self.

    Love you!! Talk soon?

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Cardamom has been nourishing me lately…I can’t get enough of it! Last week I made the cardamom cookies with buckwheat flour and they were delicious. Yesterday I brought the cardamom truffles to my class holiday party and they were quite the hit. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and happy holidays!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I think the cardamom truffles were a hit because *you* made them. It’s the love and attention you put into all that you do, that makes anything you do “a hit.” We send you love and happiness always!

  3. The Holiday season means Comfort and Warmth, being cozy with a fire in the hearth and in my heart. The Holiday season reminds me of the Sanctity of Life and the importance of connections and community with family, friends and all humanity. The Holiday Season keeps me sane with purpose and reason to Live and Love richly each and every day of the year. I so love your blog post and all of your suggestions. Thank you for continued health and wealth of being through your many offerings. Peace.

  4. The creative energy of all the delightful people who make things with their hands with love flowing from their HEART. This inspires me, together with Mother Nature who is the ultimate nurturing inspiration! And YOU Laura….you always inspire me!
    Love and gratitude,

  5. Last night I looked on my fridge and saw all the postcards, photos, and cards that have been sent to my family for the holidays. Seeing this made me realize that the holidays are not about her gifts, the dinners, or the running around. For me, this feels like a time to remind people of how special you think they are, and to be reminded if how special you are to them.

  6. Dear Laura, Sister of Peace,

    The holidays are a time for being & sharing gratitude & love with family and friends.
    Having lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for all of my adolescence I love to make tamales
    and Polvoron cookies during the holidays for family & friends. The masa dough, and steamy kitchen mean The holidays are here again🎄I still haven’t found a vegan recipe that’s good for tamales!!! beautiful picture of you two!!
    Blessings to you, Bhava & your family,

  7. Greetings from Belgium! This holiday season is for me all about carefully selecting gifts that will be remembered and treasured by my loved ones, taking time to create (so nourishing!) and spending time with my kids and discover each other a bit more each day. And have a nice cup of tea in between!
    Have the happiest of holidays,

  8. Yes, I agree….everything is better with flowers! I feel nourished just reading the list of ingredients in that magical chai! Could sip all morning and follow your well-chosen links to wise and inspiring souls . . . Thank you for the gifts you offer all year!

    1. Anne- Thank you! That really touches my heart. We are loving your blog with its clear teachings on Ayurvedic science – and we love that we are sisters in our creative mission of sharing this great healing tradition. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and again, thank you.

  9. All of these things look amazing. I’ve been having some coughing problems. Will look further into that tea. Happy Holidays to you, Laura!

  10. These gift suggestions are made of love and kindness and all sound sourced from the divine. I can’t wait to try some

  11. Merry Merry~to you and Bhava this season. I miss you Laura, you have such a sweet beautiful Spirit, it soothes my soul. I am hoping to see you soon in the new year

  12. Laura, Thank you so very much for your deep compassion, radiant light, and boundless joy. I feel very nourished and my soul is soothed each time I have the opportunity to have one of our scheduled meetings where you guide me with your wisdom of Ayurvedic Astrology, yoga and divinely centered living. I am so grateful to you for all of your gifts that you so generously share.
    Happy Holidays with love and gratitude,

  13. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for generously sharing your radiant light and your deeply compassionate spirit. I am very grateful to you every time I have the opportunity to be able to meet with you and receive your loving guidance, reassurance, compassion, and wisdom in the areas of Ayurvedic Astrology and living, yoga, and divinely centered and joyful living.
    Wishing you and Bhava a very Happy Holiday and New Year
    and looking forward to spending more time in community with you both in 2015.
    With love and gratitude,

  14. Being down a terrible cold, that chai (and, oh yes,) and the brownie sound marvelous. Your shares are always the best…beautiful to see & delicious to taste & always filled with lots of love. A delight to our senses.
    Lots of love this holidays season, to both of you – and hope you get to come to RLP soon!!! xoxoxo, Cat

  15. The love and care that went into compiling such a sublime list is gift alone, dear Laura. You are the best! Thank you for this treasure trove. I look forward to exploring these local gems! xo

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