Spring Cleanse

April 18
Hello Life Lovers and Spring Blossoms,

This morning I put together this little video for you with two simple recipes for Spring ~

1. Ginger Lemon Honey Tea – to “melt the winter freeze,” i.e. to dissolve stagnation, burn toxins, stimulate circulation, and encourage a balanced flow of Prana.

2. Ginger Lemon Black Pepper Matchsticks – to light the fire of digestion, and inspire healthy metabolism.

Both these recipes are included in my 10 day Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse, along with lots of lovely, delicious nourishing recipes, tonics and self care practices to help you align with the season, and feel your best all the time.

It’s easy. I’ll guide you through it. You can do everything I offer, or pick and choose what suits you best – because nature is abundant, and you are nature, so anything you do will reward you abundantly.

You can learn all about my 10 day seasonally bountiful Spring Cleanse here.

Or, if you are ready to register, you can do that here.

I am so grateful that so many people who have done my cleanses in the past keep returning season after season. If you are one of my wonderful “returning cleansers,” I have a generous discount to thank you for joining us again. You can find that discounted registration link on our Facebook Group page (or email me).

Please leave a comment below to let me know if you have done my cleanse and how it’s made you feel, or to let me know what you are looking for in a Spring Cleanse. I read every comment and will reply.

Thank you & Namaste!

P.S. You can purchase Triphala here if you don’t find it at your local market.


April 22

I am in Delhi, filming a series on Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanses (they are that delicious!). While there, I put together two videos  for you with recipes and tips for Spring. This is my second one on the power of air to help us cleanse, with one very special formulation that encourages proper flow.


April 25
In my first two videos on Ayurvedic Spring Cleansing, we talked about the positive power of the fire and air elements. The third element, water, is the dominant element in Spring. Too much water element in you gives Kapha, the dosha, or bio-energy of stagnation that can lead to excess weight, spring allergies, brain fog, lethargy, and chronic illnesses from there. In Spring Cleansing we seek to reduce and balance the water element – but we also use the positive power of water to hydrate, lubricate, and moisten dry tissues to liberate toxic buildup and wash the body clean. There are two key ways we do this. Ghee is one, and above I show you how to make it. If you join our Spring Cleanse we will be doing both.  Love and joyful Spring blessings to you!

35 thoughts on “Spring Cleanse

  1. Laura, what a lovely video and beautiful words to describe the benefits of a cleanse. I love your ginger tea tips, especially the overnight marinated ginger. I do this too, but I don’t marinate it as long so I’ll try that next time. I also just chew on it, swallow the juice but not the fibers. But I’m sure the fibers would be beneficial. Enjoy the rest of your time in India and the start of your Spring cleanse.

  2. My first experience with cleansing was Spring 2013. The many benefits were life changing, life sustaining and continue to deliver personal growth and well being. Cleansing in any season has allowed me opportunity to be intentional in my food consumption, create balance in body, mind and spirit, and meet like minded people whose online presence during our shared cleanses deliver support and great ongoing community. I feel refreshed, renewed and restored with each cleanse and am inspired to share the wisdom of seasonal cleansing with others.

    1. Dear Kate, You have become such an integral part of our Seasonal Cleanses with so much inspiration from your garden and your own creativity in the kitchen. Thank you!

  3. Hi Laura,

    Wonderful video 🙂

    The grad students of LMU are headed to India this summer. There has been talk of me leading them on a cleanse. I would prefer it if they could join yours as they would get so much more out of it. Would you consider cutting a deal for the Masters of Yoga Studies students?

    We are having an India meeting tomorrow night. Let me know.

    Xoxo Kari

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. L- really fantastic, wonderful and timely!
    For the mionkeybti ride the elephant , it must be balanced and grounded. Keep ‘ Em coming. Love from SD. Kevin

  5. Great video, I will post it to my students on Facebook. For me as much as I enjoy root ginger, I am not so confident of using it, even during a cleanse. My appetite is always there, whenever the day or the time I could eat all the time. I can’t way for you to be back in SD. Miss you ❤

  6. Laura – how delightful to see your radiant self in Delhi – what a beautiful Spring Ayurveda message you have brought o us. You cleanses are always a bounty of seasonal information that balance me in every way, physically,mentally and with that I feel clear and vibrant energy permeate my being, I am better in every aspect of my life and each time more and more becomes the way for life everyday so that each season there is less to eliminate and a more consistent feeling of vibrant health and well being. I am so fortunate to have found you from across the miles. Enjoy the season. Jai Guru Dev

    1. i love how you have so fully embraced it so that now you are so deeply aligned with nature’s rhythm you have actually merged with it. You are the season’s clean, bright, nourishing energy, Robyn. Thank you.

  7. Laura, your Light is shining all the way from Delhi. I took part in your cleanse this past summer and it kick started me into some very healthy eating habits which happily resulted in a generous amount of weight loss.
    I’m looking forward to the spring cleanse…eating light (isn’t all food Light?)
    So grateful for your inspiration.

  8. Laura, I am interested to know if your Spring Cleanse is suitable for this season Autumn/Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.Or do you offer another one with more ‘warming’ foods for this time of the year?
    Many kind wishes…
    Thank you

    1. Hello Krystyna,

      Thank you for asking. This Cleanse is warming, but with lots of the light, purifying greens of Spring versus the Autumn Cleanse which has lot more grain and root vegetables. I’d love to get a Southern hemisphere Cleanse rhythm started. Email me if you are interested in that. Thanks!

  9. Hi Laura,

    How exciting that you have been able to spend so much time in India!

    I have just registered myself and daughter, Shauna, for your Spring Cleanse ~ we’re so excited. Her email address is: galliganshauna@gmail.com. Hopefully she can receive all the info directly but if not, I can forward.

    Many blessings to you, Trisha

    1. thank you trish. what an honor and treat to have you both. we will certainly send her materials directly to her, though it may be a day behind due to my travels. but we will take care of it. lots of love to you!

  10. my dearest princess,
    so glad you’re spendig spiritual times in Delhi. I went home for a couple of months and returning refreshing ready to start my wonderful cleansing. I’m so excited because your cleansings have done wonders for me. Energetic, lower my blood pressure. I religiously practice my pranayama early a.m., follow the Plumb steps and life goes on beautifully.
    with love and blessings

  11. Hi Laura,

    I did the summer cleanse last year and fell in love with Kitchari. It’s staple in my diet now. Love your ‘everyday kitchari’ recipe. I use sprouted mung beans and a mix of white & brown basmati rice. It’s especially yummy with collard greens, sprinkled with shredded coconut and tamari.

  12. Darling Laura, You are simply magnificent! Your deep wisdom, grace, beauty and Love of Ayurveda (Life) shine through so potently in these videos. We are so lucky to enjoy such an gracious ambassador as you to guide us through the seasons of life. You are so at home on camera, in India, sharing what you love! One thing I’ve wondered: how long with the ginger and lemon “matchsticks” keep, and what is the best way to store them? I’ve been chewing ginger with meals but would like to add the lemon zing!

    1. you are so wonderful, rebecca! i store these in a small glass jar with airtight seal, in the fridge for a day or two. would love to hear how it goes for you. xo

  13. Hi Laura – First time doing the cleanse and looking forward to it =) I have received invite to the FB group but have not received any info in email form. The facebook invite was in spam folder so I looked in there for other emails but nothing.

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