Food Love: Return to India


lifemantra team

Have you ever wondered what it is like behind the scenes of one of your favorite cooking shows?

Last Spring I was treated to the joys of food television production. The hours were grueling, the work surprisingly exhausting and the conditions far from luxurious – but it was one of the most deliciously satisfying and memorable challenges of my recent years. At the end, I felt it was my Matterhorn, that impossible mountain you think you could never climb, and it was my great pleasure to make so many talented, hard-working, funny and kind new friends who helped make “the trek.”

Those friends just sent me a trailer – ***and now they have asked me to wait on posting it until the show launches, so stay tuned.


It is because of you, my blog readers, that I was able to shoot this series in India and share recipes and tips originally written for you. I’d love to hear what you think. Most of all, thank you!




35 thoughts on “Food Love: Return to India

  1. I think you will have your own program on food network soon. I cancelled trip to India. If you are around I would love to see you. Miss you Suzanne

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    1. Congratulations! This looks fantastic! You are in your element and are going to have so many followers….I myself cannot wait to see more! You ARE abundant…and your food is pure LOVE!

  2. I am so proud of you Laura! I am continually amazed with how you take so much information and distill it to such simple life treats – food, taste, touch, sight, sound – to quote you … “Ha! You are THAT!”

  3. Wow, Laura, this is stunning! I cannot wait to see the whole series. Congrats! Lots of love, peace & abundance to you this holiday season. Miss you xoxoxo

  4. Blessings to you Laura! You make cooking a delicious art form. So beautiful to watch and learn from. I miss you and can hardly wait to see more & talk with you soon!
    Hugs and love.

  5. You are beautiful Laura and I loved this trailer. What an accomplishment. I saw you were shooting this series from an announcement you made on your other website a while ago, so I bookmarked it to check back in. Didn’t want to miss when it came out. 🙂 Please share it with us when it’s out. Cannot wait to see more!

  6. I see not only your beautiful, well grounded self, flowing and giving throughout, but also the talented crew of visionaries who have brought this project to life. Camera shots, views, editing, sets, all so lovely and representative of the communal yet diverse nature we all share. Flow on river of life. Thank you for inspiration, presence and ongoing sharing. Peace.

  7. It is lovely Laura! I can’t wait to see the TV show.

    You are the inspiring voice in my kitchen. I often think of you when I create an ayurvedic meal: season, flavors, the 6 tastes, spices, everything you taught me.

    Thank you for this blog, and the wonderful recipes you create. You helped me to develop a conscious relation with food. Cooking is not only keeping us healthy, it is also appreciating life, Prana and love that the meal will offer.

    Each meal is unique, so are you! ❤

    1. Wow Laura…..just amazing and beautifully done. I cannot wait to see the rest! Your love for the Ayurvedic way shines through. I am so excited to travel to India with you.

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