MA’s Chocolate Tart + Dosha Bars Giveaway

Melissa Ambrosini Chocolate Orange Tart

Nowadays we make friends in such new and interesting ways – over the ethers of email, blogs, social media. I call them “my blog friends” and at least for me, it’s not until I actually get to be with this person in person that I realize I have never actually met them in person. 

Such is the way with Melissa Ambrosini (love that her initials are MA). Melissa is the divine beauty who writes and blogs and generally loves the world from her bright perch over Sydney’s seafront. After years of connecting via Skype and following each other’s travels on Instagram, Melissa just called to say that she’s coming to visit. I love that odd feeling that combines looking forward to seeing a great friend with the anticipation of meeting someone new. (Robyn Field, you’re next!)

In honor of friendship, which is the divine love I am celebrating this Valentine’s Day, Melissa has given me permission to share her Chocolate & Orange Tart. I hope you love it. I know you will love her.

Melissa’s Chocolate & Orange Tart

For the base:

2 ½ c shredded coconut
½ t vanilla bean powder (I used vanilla extract and it worked just fine)
½ t cinnamon
4 T coconut oil
1 egg
Pinch of salt
½ t liquid stevia (if you don’t like stevia, try 1 tablespoon maple syrup)

For the filling:

Zest and juice of 2 oranges
1/4 t liquid stevia (or to taste)
3 eggs (free range and organic)
6 T coconut oil
3 T cacao powder
2 T cacao butter, melted

Blend all base ingredients in food processor. Line the base of a pie pan with non-stick paper. Press base mixture into the pan and up the sides about 1 cm high. Press and pack firm. Bake in an oven on 140 degrees until golden brown, then remove from oven to cool down.

To make the filling, whisk eggs in a saucepan. Add coconut oil and place on a gentle heat until oil is melted into eggs while stirring constantly to avoid the eggs clumping. Once melted, add orange juice, orange zest (reserve a generous pinch for garnish), cacao and stevia. Keep stirring until the mixture starts to get silky. Avoid it getting too thick as the oil will separate.

Take off heat. Press the mixture through a strainer into the cooled base, leaving only zest in the strainer. Shake the pan until the filling covers the whole base evenly. Place in fridge to set (approximately 2 hours). Serve with grated orange zest on top.

Note: You can make these into little tartlets if you prefer.

Melissa Ambrosini's Gut Healthy Brownie

This recipe, along with the gut-healthy chocolate brownie  pictured above, and made with the genius of a sweet potato, are two of many gorgeous recipes in Melissa’s Glow Kitchen Recipe eBook.

As you’ll see from her recipes, Melissa chooses high protein, clean foods, influenced by the seven principles of Body Ecology (a system that seems to me to come straight from Ayurveda, especially Ayurvedic principles for Vata Dosha). If you are Vegan, I have many healthy, nutritious, belly-loving and mouth watering, chocolate recipes for you here.

Dosha Bars

By the way, Love came to me last month in a box of Dosha Bars – delicious, unsweetened fruit and seed snacks made of ingredients that balance the three doshas. To share that love we’ve teamed up to offer 3 winners a sample kit with 3 Dosha Bars (each kit includes one of each flavor–Cherry Chakra to balance Vata, Blueberry Balance for Pitta balancing and Apple Cran Awakening to balance Kapha) AND a 12-pack of Dosha Bars (including 4 of each flavor) for one lucky lover! If you like to stay healthy in the midst of a busy life, please check out their website to learn about this young, Ayurvedic team and let’s show them some love for all their generosity.

We’ll pick randomly from the comments. So please let us know, what are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day? How is love showing up in your life? I love stories of love, so do share.

I hope Love fills you with its gifts this weekend and always. Namaste!



28 thoughts on “MA’s Chocolate Tart + Dosha Bars Giveaway

  1. Yes please to chocolate tart Love and miss you On Feb 11, 2016 9:56 AM, “Food: A Love Story” wrote:

    > Laura Plumb posted: ” Nowadays we make friends in such new and interesting > ways – over the ethers of email, blogs, social media. I call them “my blog > friends” and at least for me, it’s not until I actually get to be with this > person in person that I realize I have never actu” >

  2. Wow, do those photos look yummy. The brownie with sweet potato, I am so curious. My valentine’s day will be quiet. A time of big changes in our lives, mean a quiet night will nourish us most.Thanks for all you share!

  3. Love seems to surround and expand within me this year. I am 16 weeks pregnant and trying to love this process and journey once again. My friend is watching our toddler for the night! Sleep!!!! Yaaay

  4. I’m celebrating the love that I am and the love that surrounds me each day. In the morning I ask the universe to show me something new- and I am always surprised with newness and love each day. I love you!!

  5. February 14, 2016 marks my first Sunday morning sadhana yoga offering. Celebrating love of practice, heart space for meditation, and raising the Love vibration both inwardly and outwardly. ❤️

  6. This Valentine’s day, I’m focusing on loving, and being more gentle with, myself. I have so much to be grateful for, and I show love and gratitude to others more easily than I do myself. In particular, this Valentine’s day is dedicated to loving on my nervous system! It needs a break! ❤

  7. Oh my gosh, this looks AMAZING! I just may have to take a break from my Brahmi chocolate love affair and try this out. This Valentine’s Day I will be celebrating Love by joining others outside of SeaWorld and holding my “Sea Mammals Belong in the Sea” sign. Lots of Love to you, Laura, and blessings on your India trip!

  8. We are celebrating by going away to the beach for the weekend to a dog friendly hotel. We love taking a break as a family myself the Husband and the dog, there is nothing better.

  9. What a heavenly recipe for my chocolate loving self – I may make this for some self love on Valentine’s Day! Then to see your sweet comment on our “soon” to be visit, well it just doesn’t get better than that!!! It is a timely post to see today as I embark on a new adventure global love inspired. Today will be my first meeting with a group of ladies coming together to knit. Our group is called Purls for Peace. Our mission statement is ” Purls for Peace is a circle of dynamic and diverse women, woven together by our wish for global community. Our desire is to create healing through union, nurturance, love and respect for each other. Bound by our desire to cultivate world peace from a grass roots level, our shared purpose is co-creating knitted projects for women, men and children in areas of global conflict. We are an ever growing group and welcome all to join us”.
    I am envisioning other “strings” of “purl girls” across the states and perhaps other countries. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We are ALL connected. Love your posts Laura and love you. Sending love to you across the miles everyday. Soon. xo Robyn

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