Spring Clean: The 21 Day Challenge

According to Ayurveda, good health is dependent upon our capacity to fully metabolize the nutritional, emotional and sensory information that we ingest. When our digestive energies, known as Agni (fire), are robust, we create healthy tissues, eliminate waste products efficiently and produce a subtle essence called ojas. Ojas, which is like our inner sap, is the basis for clarity of perception, physical strength, and immunity. On the other hand, if our agnis are weakened, digestion is incomplete, creating an accumulation of toxic residue known as Ama.

When Ama accumulates, allergies, congestion, headaches, fatigue, chronic pain, low energy, brain fog, moodiness are some of the indications.  Have you ever felt this way?

Now is the time to feel better.

This is the time of year when it is most important to clear Ama from the system. As Spring begins, the warmer weather melts the winter freeze. The same thing is happening within you. After putting on your winter coat ~ adding warm layers, strengthening immunity, and tonifying to the bone ~ your system is now ready to lighten up. If this is done effectively, you have optimal health for Spring and Summer. If not, the system gets clogged, sluggish, rundown and worn out.

That is why Ayurveda places great importance on detoxification in early Spring. And that is why I am offering an easy, do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home, detox program called Spring Clean: The 21 Day Challenge to help you release winter’s accumulation and blossom into your best Spring yet.

What would your life look like if you had boundless energy, acrobatic mental acuity, inspiring creativity, radiant skin, that youthful glow that describes fantastic health in mind and body?

Ayurveda is said to be the oldest, most comprehensive system of medicine in the world, which means it has had thousands of years and thousands of patients for trial and error. As such it has evolved time-tested, effective protocols for cleansing, repairing and restoring the body to its best function.

What is an Ayurvedic Detox program?

Your “Spring Clean” includes 21 days of guided, gentle, nourishing detoxification in three phases:

1) Preparing the Way ~ Week One prepares your body for detoxification, beginning the process gently by introducing Detox Tea, Ayurvedic Herbal Formula, certain natural foods and daily practices to open the channels of elimination safely.

2) Guided Detoxification ~ Week Two involves simple meals that offer a deep tissue cleanse while simultaneously nourishing the body so you don’t have to go hungry.

3) Integration ~ Completing a Detoxification is as important as the detoxification itself. In Week Three, we will reintroduce every day foods, incorporating the best meals, digestive tonics, and practices to maintain that “clean” all Spring.

Begins again April 22nd.  Registration here.  

What do you need? 

1) Email to receive the program.

2) A phone to engage with your support team (missed calls will be recorded and can be listened to at any time).

3) A grocery list will be supplied.

What have others said?

“I am so impressed by this program. It is so holistic, so nourishing, so educational. I learned so much and truly feel that it has the capacity to change anyone’s life. Just amazing!” ~ Marcia Kimpton

“This has been so wonderful. It has really worked well for me.  I’ve lost weight, my skin looks better, reduced the fine lines, and I’ve enjoyed the group. I feel so well supported. There’s a wealth of information. It’s all been so helpful. Namaste!” ~ Nancy Marks

I’m a changed man… Thank you so much for being there, Laura. I learned a LOT of valuable information, and as a single guy, this makes food simple for me–without sacrificing taste. 🙂  I look forward to my next yoga class with you.  Hugs to Bhava for his great gifts to the world, also. I love you guys. ~ Boyd Martin

“I feel lighter, clearer, better. By the second week, people were commenting on how good my skin looked. By the third, I had lost 7 pounds, an unexpected benefit.  It has been easy. I always felt full and nourished. Definitely recommend it!” – Gail

“Your Detox Workshop was absolutely amazing and so relevant. I don’t say this lightly but you are truly the most amazing teacher I’ve had the pleasure of taking a class with. Thank you for your instruction, insight and pure spirit…Happy Spring!” ~ Amanda DeWitt

“thank you for encouraging us to take on 21 blissful days… a couple of things i found interesting in the last 3 weeks were an increased ability to meditate and a sense of increased focus on tasks. i’m fortunate to live in a place where i can choose a healthy lifestyle, and really become attuned with these finer points of good living. your challenge was met with open arms. we both look forward to… live it in greater fullness. *thank you* for proposing this and being the inspiring teacher that you are!” ~ Scott Davis

“Who knew that Ayurvedic cooking could result in such piquant dishes, perfectly balanced in taste and nutrition? Laura Plumb did, and thanks to her… I can now cook healthy and delicious meals!” ~ Anne-Marie Welsh
You can imagine great health. I invite you to join us and seize the season. Make it yours. Let it be your best Spring yet. 

Further details, prices and registration here.
Thank you & Namaste! 

Fresh Ideas for 2012

Happy New Year!

I wonder, how can I serve you best this year? There are ideas hatching and plans underway, but I am always keen to get your feedback. After all, I write because you eat! So, please let me know how I can help you.

Meanwhile, since there are so many great recipes already out there but little understanding of the fundamentals of flavor and nutritional health, that I thought I’d take a trip around the various kitchens of the world this year, choosing classics, favorites, and mouth-watering, head-spinning, tongue-tickling, belly delighting dishes to adapt according to Ayurvedic principles. That way, in addition to mouth-watering, head-spinning, tongue-tickling, and belly delighting, the adapted recipes will be phenomenally, fantastically fabulous for your health.

I am calling it Six Tasting the World! What do you think?

In order to take a trip like this, there us much to consider, lots to plan and a great deal of organizing to do. So while I am getting ready, I thought I’d share with you a list of my online favorites to freshen up your pantry of recipes and resources.


Sally Tinker Smith blogs about all the things she loves and she is such a love herself that every post is like coming home! Stephanie Weaver is a Gluten-free Goddess, relentlessly renovating recipes to make delicious, digestible dishes for the more than 2 million Americans with Celiac, and everyone else who wants a break now and then from the all-persuasive glutenous grains.

Shruthi, who blogs over at Cardamom Kitchen, is full of joyful esprit and spice-laced loveliness. Plus, she is a genuine genius when it comes to the application of Ayurveda to western ways. Another blogger friend is Kate who is absolutely the picture of Ayurvedic radiance, and her blog is the real deal.

While it is not about food, Pamela’s Walking On My Hands is a blog about learning to live with grace ~ deep wisdom I can always use. Also not usually about food is Gypsy Love Cafe from the amazingly creative, deeply soulful, wildly free and artistic Katariina. I always love seeing what she’s up to.


A few everyday classics I turn to for inspiration are 101 CookbooksDeborah MadisonMarc Bittman and Sunfood.


A few others I enjoy looking at, mostly for the photography, are Jenn’s Gluten-freeTartelette, Glutton For Life and Journey Kitchen.


For an integrated approach to the foodies’ search for pleasure, health, sustainability, and global justice Ecogastronomy is cool. Because they are getting nutritious foods into food banks nationwide, SuperFoodDrive is super awesome! At the Well, Tara Parker-Pope reports on the nexus between medical science, nutrition, and family health with a surprisingly fresh, engaging voice, and of course, Slow Food and Edible Schoolyards remind us that the world is full of very good, very sane people!

New Year’s Eve

I wish you all the magic of the cosmos, every happiness in the world, all the love of our Mother Earth, and every dream to come true in 2012. This is our year. Let’s grab hold!