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Dear Readers, Thanks to the “happiness engineers” at WordPress my site has just been migrated from to in order to make the site more functional and richer for you. While it is a necessary move, here’s the rub: If you are a WordPress blogger “following” this blog you will no longer receive my posts in your WordPress feed (called Reader). The only way to receive my posts fresh from the kitchen now is by email and I love having your with me

Banyan-daily-routine-kitSo if you don’t want to miss posts like the most recent one on Magical Mornings with Ayurveda that includes this offer of Banyan Botanical‘s Daily Routine Kit to gift to a reader, then please go to and put your email address in the box in the right column.

Sign up now so you can get this daily kit. I’ll be picking a winning recipient tomorrow.

Thank you for your commitment to sacred, sumptuous living. Namaste! 

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